Starting From Scratch (Almost)

The Four-Eyed Wonder is finally back! And looking very empty these days, I must say.

After much deliberation and stalling on my part, I made the huge decision to get rid of (a) ALL my blog posts, and (b) portfolio projects that I felt did not represent what kind of stuff I wanted to be doing. It definitely wasn't easy, because for the longest time, I always wanted to be an ~influential design and lifestyle blogger~ and what have you, but I have finally been able to accept the fact that not only was it something that required a shit ton of work that I did not want to do, it also distracted me from the thing I actually wanted to do the most -- make good work.

I distracted myself for a good few years, but now that I've finally come to the realization, out they all went. I did some major Konmari-ing. Now my site is all fresh and clean, shiny with a brand new header, and contains the few little things that definitely spark joy. Now to move forward with making new things. Since I am now a full time self employed creative (eek), I am trying my best to do just that.

As far as actual blog entries are concerned,  they will be few and far between for the considerable future -- probably just occasional life updates (when I feel like it) or work related content. No more DIY posts that take hours to conceptualize, no more overdone inspiration posts, and definitely no more pressure on myself to have a pretty, perfect blog, heh.

With that being said, thank you for sticking around, and I'm excited for things to come!

*Illustration from my sketchbook -- currently exploring a comic-y style for drawing people