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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Hello! Your photos are gorgeous. Any post-processing presets you want to share with us?

  2. Thea Reply

    this outfit is totally adorable!! love it!! love the collar especially!! must find a lace one now.yey

  3. ThePinkMargarita Reply

    hey allie! love what you did with the photos 🙂 you really are good with your craft.

    by the way, if it wouldn't take so much of your time, i need your help. please visit my blog to know more. thank you 🙂

    much love,

  4. chocolatecake_mine Reply

    They look yummy!!! Pasalubong naman niyan!

    ~ <3 ~
    "I have been in the city for 5 months and I miss the province so much. So Bacolod, the heart is for you!" Hahahaha

    Kami, 'di mo miss?

    Gumagaya lang.

  5. alliekabok Reply

    HAHAHA Camille! >:D< Try ko kung makaggawa uli kami, di ko alam kung meron pang ingredients. 😀

    Oo miss! Sana maka out of town trip pa tayo! Or punta nalang kayo dito :>

  6. Anonymous Reply

    uiii namimiss si lando hehehehehhe, penge naman din nyan — dale

  7. ThePinkMargarita Reply

    hello Allie! thanks for sharing these. 🙂 i'm so craving for sonja's red velvet cupcakes and just looking at these made me crave more!! your sister's good. 🙂

    much love,

  8. Laura Reply

    Ahhhh I know how you feel! I regret not buying creepers while in Japan as well, and now they're super expensive online T_T!
    I did splurge half my shopping budget on secondhand goods in Harajuku though XDDD

  9. alliekabok Reply

    Right! I have yet to find a reasonably priced pair online either!

    At least you got to shop! My brother and dad were getting really impatient so I ended up not buying anything. 🙁

  10. Chai Reply

    Oh my gosh that Miu Miu collar! Any chances that I can have one made and I'll just pay you or something? I am terrible at DIY and I can never come up with something as pretty as that ; n ;

  11. alliekabok Reply

    Hi Chai! I would love to make you one, but I don't have any spare collars lying around though, as I just made that one from an shirt my dad didn't use anymore. 🙁

    It's really easy to make though! Just cut out the collar of any collared shirt, then buy one of those iron on transfer papers where you can print a design you like! It's really easy! 🙂

  12. Laura Reply

    Of all the Manga Realities blog posts I've read, yours is my favorite. Keen to check out that The World God Only Knows as well XD

  13. Chunny Reply

    Wow! That place looks amazing. Thank you for sharing this. The next time I'm going to Manila I'm going to drop by that unique place. =)

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  15. Chai Reply

    You are too adorable for my liiiiiife!! B and D are my favorites, though I really like all of them! 🙂 <3

  16. Allie Reply

    Aww thank you Chai! You're one to talk, I absolutely love all of your outfits! It really made me want to get more Mori girl stuff. :3

    I hope we get to meet soon! <3

  17. Chai Reply

    Yay it was nice meeting you, finally! 😀 Sorry I kept coughing then, sobrang bad first impression haha!

  18. Allie Reply

    Hi! Sorry for the late reply. Yup they are! This is the LRI branch but I'm guessing the Cubao branch has them too! 🙂

  19. lisamendy Reply

    I love the new layout, Allie! And I can totally relate to getting lost in what your blog's essence is because you're trying to blog like everyone else. *Nods* 2012 will be epic!

  20. Arriane Reply

    Thank you for including my blog here! So glad that my posts help you in any small way 🙂

    PS. Love your blog design, so neat and quirky!

  21. Chai Reply

    I am in love with legwear too! It's so funny how we seem to have so much in common! And grabe Allie, you're making me want to delete my inspiration posts, nahiya naman ako sa effort mo dito hahaha!

  22. Allie Principe Reply

    Right?? If only it weren't so hot here in the Philippines I would wear them everyday! 

    Aww haha ano ka ba Chai, wala lang yan! I'm just trying out something new, and besides frustration ko ang maggupit ng magazines (but I only have so few) so cutting up the scans in Photoshop will have to do hahaha. XD

  23. Chai Reply

    OMG. Are there videos of this? I want to watch ;____; Harajuku brand fashion shows look so much fun, it makes me want to warp to Tokyo whenever I see photos! I love everything you posted, can I just say? But of course, earth music & ecology is my fave haha! <3 Hyphen and Ciaopanic are really cute too!! <3

    Kyary!! Aian and I are obsessed with her. We download like every single CM of hers. She's amazing! Her style is Harajuku personified, IMO. And it's funny that they call her the Lady Gaga of Japan, since Japan has been Lady Gaga-ing even before Lady Gaga LOL

  24. Allie Principe Reply

    Hi Chai! Diba, everyone looks like they're having such a blast! And really, ang gaganda lang ng lahat! I actually couldn't decide which was my favorite collection hence the post :3

    I looked up Kyary's performance on Youtube and she's just too cute!

    Can I just say Lady Gaga who? HAHAHA. 

  25. SassyChunny Reply

    I love this post. I always use this everyday and it really is a big help. =)

  26. Aileen A. Reply

    Well it's never possible to be ALWAYS happy, because if so, that would be just mental.
    I think what's really important is that we learn how to roll with the punches, so yes, positivity all the way. 🙂

  27. AGENT BUNNY Reply

    I feel the same at times so I know what you're going though, Ate Allie. 🙁 It's super important to always try and be positive, but it's impossible to always be happy. I tried it once and it just led me to have a breakdown. I hope you'll find your signature style soon, I'm sure you'll be able to find it eventually. 🙂

  28. Chai Reply

    Hahaha but you do look like her!! :)) And oh, have you seen the March issue? Grabe yun naman you will bleed pastel rainbows na. Feeling ko after tutubuan na ko ng buntot a-la-My Little Pony.

  29. Allie Principe Reply

    I haven't flipped through the pages yet, pero if the cover is any indication, mukhang ganun na nga hahaha! I need to look through it soon! 🙂

  30. Chai Reply

    I wasn't able to go! I wanted to but we were in a hurry to go to Greenbelt for the Adopt-A-Cat event.. because we wanted to see the cats. :)) Looks like a lot of fun though! 🙂

  31. Allie Principe Reply

    Actually while I was there bigla kong naisip that you might go, because Spidersilk and Dr. Sketchy's was there! Hope you can drop by next time if we have another one soon! 🙂 That Adopt-A-Cat thing sounds too cute though :)) 

  32. andrea Reply

    I love Rubin's book! 🙂 I would love to give everyone I love a copy heh. This book inspired me to dub 2012 as The Year of Extra Happiness. 🙂 Good luck on your goals! 🙂

  33. Chai Reply

    Belated happy blog anniversary Allie! 🙂 I do love your blog, I honestly do. I'm glad I was able to meet you through the blogosphere as well <3

  34. Allie Principe Reply

    Thank you Chai! I'm glad you enjoy reading, as I enjoy your blog a lot too! <3 Maybe we could do a collab of sorts sometime! 🙂

  35. Merri Chan Reply

    congrats on your endeavor! 😀 awesome doodles there! 😀 and the invitation for your abuela's birthday is so cute 😀

  36. shannon Reply

    Even with the film being exposed I still love the photos. It gives a certain unique effect that you can't get with digital which I think is a huge plus!

  37. Kayle Reply

    You are adorable and pretty! I'm inlove with your blog, it's so… "Home-y" 😀
    I can't find the follow button 🙁
    Well, I hope to see photos of your trip! I've always wanted to go to Bali…
    Hope you can drop by my blog and follow!

  38. Allie Principe Reply

    Hi there Kayle! Thanks for dropping by! I like that you think my blog is homey. 🙂 Thanks for reminding me about the follow thing, I'll put up a Bloglovin' follow button soon! 

    I'll be sure to post some photos when I get back! Thanks again! 🙂

  39. MaryGrace Montemayor Reply

    allie! i browsed through the happiness project in fullybooked. medyo 1st chapter pa lang nababasa ko, mukhang ok naman? gumaan pakiramdam ko (sort of) ok ba yung next few chapters???? i also need positivity in my life 🙁

  40. Allie Principe Reply

    Hi Grace! Yup para sa akin okay siya! Nung binabasa ko siya nakakagaan nga ng loob and I sort of related to most of what she was wanting to accomplish. If you're willing to do a year long overhaul on yourself and your life (like I think I am), highly recommended ko ito! Tara! 🙂

  41. Carla Reply

    OH! Your abuela's party looks like it's going to be awesome! First the invites, and now these posters! So pretty *0* 

    Have an awesome time in Indonesia! 😀

  42. Allie Principe Reply

    Yay thank you Carla! I'm a bit nervous about the party actually, still so many things to do and it's only a few weeks away! I'm glad you like the posters and the invites. 🙂

    Thanks! I'm looking forward to your Part 2 post on Singapore as well! <3

  43. Carla Reply

    This is so cool! Hoho, I'm putting this on my to-do list should I find myself in Indonesia 😀

  44. Allie Principe Reply

    Oh thank you so much! I'm so flattered that you read my blog really, as I follow yours too! 🙂 I hope I can post up the other soon!

  45. aphazia Reply

    Allie! I'm excited about the snailmail and your Indonesia posts! 🙂  Also, yes please, I'd love to join your batik-making workshop! That would be a dream come true for me! 🙂 Yay yay!

  46. Carla Reply

    OH! It all looks so lovely! Your family is such a creative bunch – from your grandmother to your mother and finally to you and your sister! Very cool. 🙂 I love the effort and the obvious love that went into the details of your abuela's party. It's all so adorable! 🙂 

  47. Gracep P. Sapuay Reply

    Fantastic! Ang tyaga! Ang galeng! Wala na akong masabi sa mga gifted people like you.

  48. Gracepsapuay Reply

    Oh, and by the way, Happy Birthday to your Abuela. She's such a blessed person.

  49. guest Reply

    lovely photos of your food trip! 🙂 really enjoy reading your blog. keep it up allie!

  50. Allie Principe Reply

    Hi Carla! Yes,I feel very lucky to have been born into a family who likes to flex their creative muscles 🙂 Thanks so much for the kind words!

  51. Lady Reply

    Hi! may I ask what kind of paper you used to print these posters?
    I made a poster too but I had it printed in a photo paper. Only one I could find ^-^;

  52. Ricky Dela Torre Reply

    Wow! what a gastronomical experience it was even in pictures!  Allie you are so articulate and I could almost taste the different dishes you posted. Now I look forward to visiting Indonesia with so much excitement.  Yes, if ever, will be my first trip to that exotic country.  Thank you so much!                                                                                                                                

  53. Catherine Cena Reply

    Aaaang saya!! Plus ang sarap! I want to do something like this, too! 🙂 

  54. Allie Principe Reply

    Thank you Tito Ricky for the wonderful comments! I do hope you get to experience Indonesia too, it's really a wonderful place to visit (and eat!). Hope you get to read my other Indonesia posts too so you can see what else you can see out there! 🙂

  55. Melds_oquendo_capanzana Reply

    Happy birthday to your grand ma. Congratulations  for your great designs, they are a joy to behold. Say hi! to Mom for me.

  56. KESUMA_Restaurant Reply

    Thank you so much for your visit and your comments about our Family Restaurant.
    Your blog gives me also ideas of good addresses to visit for our next culinary travel 😉 BR, Chef Lilies

  57. mrbean Reply

    YOU SHOULD!!!! Wait for the Bali post! I'm getting around to doing it hahaha

  58. Lady Reply

    Wow the place looks amazing!~
    I love those stone statues :3 I was thinking it looks just like the Philippines (bec. of the rice paddies)
    except for the statues. I'm going to look into Bali designs when it's time to build our house farm ;3
    I can't wait to see your other posts :3

  59. Carla Reply

    OHHHH, Bali looks so pretty! Interestingly enough, I never really considered Indonesia in my near-future travel bucket list, but now I think my mind's been changed. Lovely photos! 🙂

  60. Allie Principe Reply

    Thanks Carla! 🙂 Actually, I never seriously considered it either until my aunt started living there. Then I started researching about the places and saw that there was a lot to see and do, and it should definitely be on everyone's bucket list! 🙂

  61. Chai Reply

    Envy!! How was Indonesia? Parang dito lang ba in terms of the feel, etc? I want to travel din one of these days, when I get enough funds. Number one frustration ko talaga yung not being able to travel enough :))

  62. Allie Principe Reply

    Hey Chai! Indonesia's a tropical country for most part, so there are a lot of similarities with us, and the people sort of look like us as well haha.  But their art and culture is really different from us, so that's what made me enjoy the trip the most.  It should be on everyone's must visit list! Travelling definitely brings unforgettable moments and experiences, so we should definitely save up for it!  What are your dream destinations ba? 🙂

  63. Maricar de Dios Reply

    This is really cute, Allie! 🙂 I saw a similar project in which washi tapes were used to decorate a MacBook, same technique as this. Never knew how useful they could be. 

  64. Allie Principe Reply

    Let's snail mail again! 🙂 

    I've only used the stickers twice since I bought them from you, I forgot how many patterns they had, so natuwa ako haha!

  65. Allie Principe Reply

    I saw that too on Flickr! I wanted to do it on my laptop too, pero the keys are black so washi tape wouldn't look very nice. Yup, washi tapes have so many great uses! <3

  66. drea Reply

     Gusto ko din makakuha ng snailmail from you! (ulit) haha 🙂 This is so pretty! Now I want to decorate mine with washi too hehe. 🙂 We should make a local community for typewriter lovers hahaha 🙂

  67. Allie Principe Reply

    Sana nga matuloy yung snail mail swap! 😀

    Hahaha pwede pwede! We can make a site with photos of our typewriters and have monthly activities! Not necessarily together though since it's so difficult to bring around hahaha!

  68. Jamoy Reply

    I like what you did there, Allie 🙂 I used to type a lot, too, back in primary school… until the pc. Miss those days, I might just get ours all the way from the province to Manila. HAHA

  69. Chai Reply

    Envy!! One of my goals is to finally go to a beach with just Aian, haha! Bohol looks like a great place. I'm glad you had a fun birthday! 🙂 <3

  70. Drea Reply

    Ganda ng place and ng suit mo! 🙂 Looking forward to your future posts 🙂

  71. Allie Principe Reply

    Hahaha I thought it would be boring to go to a beach with just the two of us, pero it was quite fun! <3 Bohol is reaaaally nice, I would go back because there's so much to do! 🙂

  72. Lady Reply

    Oh and we have the same bedroom peg! But mine sort of veered towards a mori girl feel.
    When we renovated our unit my Mom gave away all my brand new furniture 🙁 because they didn't fit well with the style we were going for. My lucky cousins got them XD
    haha good luck on the purging! I had to do it thrice to completely let go of my old stuff. Hope you'll only need to do it once :3 More space = you can add more stuff. *lol*

  73. Drea Reply

    Akala ko din nung bata ako nakita ko na yung Mayon volcano. Pero nasa Nayong Pilipino lang pala ako hahaha 🙂 Nasa bucket list ko pumunta sa Bicol? Tour me? haha 🙂

  74. Allie Principe Reply

    Actually, am contemplating if I should aim for a more mori look for the room as well, because I think it's easier with the furniture pieces I have now. But I'm taking it as I go along, I really need to finish cleaning up first! 🙂

  75. Allie Principe Reply

    Hi Chai, cute mo hahaha! (off-topic) Anyway, am looking into upgrading to a better camera body and a new kit lens after such a long time! 🙂 I still have to get the lens cleaned though!

  76. Chai Reply

    Haha! Akala ko you were selling because you didn't want it na.. or something. I've seen a lot of friends sell theirs kasi XD

  77. Gelibee Reply

    Hey Allie!

    Gusto ko na din mabasa yang book na yan!! 🙂 Goal ko din ang magprocess ng film rolls kasi natambak na siya sa bahay 😛

  78. Eula Reply

    This is a wonderful blog you have! Books, general craftiness, and all the things I love. Adding you to my Google Reader. 🙂 Thanks also for running this giveaway!

    Name: Eula
    What do you want to remember NOW? Oh gosh, I want to remember so much! Friends' birthdays, things that need to be done, the coverage of the tests I'm taking… But what I want to remember the most right now is the the love I feel and the feeling of being loved. Even though we're going through difficult times in our careers, we continue to support in each other and find the strength to keep going.

  79. thisisstargirl Reply

    Loreen Ordono

    What I want to remember now is that you will never run out of things to do when you've got tons of leftover paper, pens, brushes, paint, and a very willing daughter and friend to craft date with you! 🙂

  80. Carla C. Reply

    More of I've been looking for the perfect set of notebooks to bring with me when I visit your aunt in Indonesia 🙂 My pen's been itching to write batik shopping lists and sketch temples.

  81. Jika Macachor Reply

    I've been wanting to color my hair pink for the longest time, too! I get your apprehension about people not taking you seriously. Minsan tuloy, feeling ko I'm too old for it na. Kaya I'm thinking ombre highlights nalang, para subtle.:p But the nice, bright-colored hair dyes are so expensive! And I want to do 3 colors.T_T

  82. Rezywezy Reply

    At 2am, I'm want to remember the incredible, blissful moment when my fiance surprised me with his wedding proposal by suddenly popping into Singapore and singing to me, "God bless the Broken Road". Pure <3 <3 <3 So to help me in remember all the exciting details PLUS documents all the research I'm doing for our upcoming wedding, I'm looking forward to winning the limited ed set of Field Notes!!

  83. Rezywezy Reply

    I want to remember that I have to always PROOFREAD my comment(s) BEFORE hitting "submit"… Good morning!!!

  84. Toni Tiu Reply

    Toni Tiu
    FB Link:

    I want to remember the little good things that are happening now — from the freshly brewed cup of coffee that woke me up this morning, the way my toddler ran to my husband as he entered our home after a long day at work, even the rare good hair day I have. I want to remember the little everyday things that make me happy. It's easier to remember the grand things that bring us happiness, the smaller ones can be easily forgotten. Jotting them down would be a wonderful way to remember them now and beyond.

  85. Angie Resurreccion Reply

    Angie Resurreccion
    FB Link:

    I want to remember the happy coos and gurgles of my three-month old boy and his laugh when he sees another baby in front of the mirror. I want to forever keep the memory of my husband and our son playing and enjoying each other's company. I want to remember how peaceful it feels to breastfeed a baby. I especially want to remember a little baby smiling and laughing in his sleep. 🙂


    Hi Allie! Nice blog you have here. Keep inspiring♥

    By the way my name is ELLEN MILLAMA
    here are the links I have posted on twitter and facebook¬if_t=like

    and my answer to your question “What do you want to remember NOW?”

    I want to remember all the happy memories that I shared with my parents always and forever. That way I always keep them alive in my heart and that makes me feel good.

  87. aya dalumpines Reply

    I want to remember how hard it is to work but how rewarding the feeling is afterwards. Hihi, I thought about this for a long time! 🙂

  88. chanmisaky Reply

    Chan Johnne Mary F

    I want to remember NOW the experiences that me, my family and my friends have been through wherein it helps me to learn new things at the same time to learn the things that I can use to become a better person and to go through any challenges that I need to face on the near future which serves as an inspiration for me to achieve my dreams in life.

  89. Mae Cel Ayson Reply

    Mae Cel Ayson

    “Where do your traveling feet want to go next?” – My travelling feet want to go to HK or/and SG. Plans are on their way for this.
    I was also like you. When travelling, i bring not just one pair of shoes, so this kind of shoes will be appropriate for my travels. Occupy small space but can make a lot difference in my outfit. 🙂

  90. slowlaneontheexpressway Reply

    I agree film is way way more exciting and has more drama. What a good set! 🙂

  91. slowlaneontheexpressway Reply

    Hello, I'm also into film. I started 2009, when my brother gave me his slr. But it took me until this year to build a momentum. Just like you, it takes me months to finish a roll. Haha. Question, where do you usually have your film scanned and developed? Thanks!

  92. Jika Macachor Reply

    Yay! *does a little dance* Hihi. Thanks so much, Allie and Suelas!:D

  93. Elise Reply

    I love this talaga! 🙂 You two are so cute!! 🙂 Your blogs are always so nice to look through, Allie 🙂

  94. slowlaneontheexpressway Reply

    these are beautiful 🙂 i wonder how can we order or are there similar products here in manila? 🙂

  95. Sasha Reply

    Gahhh! I remember Tita's lovely Christmas decor before! Level up na! So nice!! I esp like the paper flowers! I saw something similar sa Pinterest pero mama wont let me tear up books! 🙁

  96. Jika Macachor Reply

    Your mom's projects are so niiiiice! I love those paper flowers! You're lucky you have people in your family who share your love for crafting.:)

  97. slowlaneontheexpressway Reply

    Hello! I think Angono, Rizal is famous for their fried duck / itik. I remember my brother used to bring it as pasalubong.

  98. Allie Principe Reply

    Yup she really got addicted to making paper flowers, our house is overflowing with them haha! 😀 Yup it runs in the family I think, my lola owns a craft store!

  99. Allie Principe Reply

    Which one? We've a lot of Christmas decor over the years haha! 😀 You can buy cheapo books lang from Book Sale or something, I see ones that go for 10 pesos! 🙂

  100. gn Reply

    Those are really pretty! I wish to join the swap but…I'm not crafty. HEHE. 🙂

  101. drea Reply

    Neon pink and gold is my fave color combo at the moment also! That was the color scheme of mah booth at the Alabama bazaar, saka sila yung mga unang Encanta stickers na naubos haha. 🙂 See you Thursday! 🙂

  102. Cachi Reply

    Allie, I just saw this. Haven't checked blog posts for a while. And what can I say??? This is so purdy *Clap clap clap*

  103. Jonette Valenciano Reply

    That rainbow came in with perfect timing. 🙂 Here's wishing you and yours a happy 2013 filled with wonder, joy, and adventure! Hope to see you at the next crafting event. 🙂

  104. Jonette Valenciano Reply

    I think these are all really lovely, reasonable, and absolutely reachable goals. Good for you, Allie! Keep on making lovely art and being happy! Take care. 🙂

  105. Danielle Reply

    #1 is a big challenge for me. My list is quite similar to yours, but it's one I've been at since last year. *scratches head* Anyway, do have a good year! Your blog is awesome!

  106. Allie Principe Reply

    Thank you Laura! I'm still in the process of editing the blog to make the layout neater, but I'm glad you appreciate it. I love your goals as well! Good luck to us! 😀

  107. Allie Principe Reply

    #1 is probably the loftiest challenge for me as well, because I'm so spendy at times and easily get swayed by pretty things haha! Have a good year as well and thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  108. dajayjay Reply

    Hi Ate! I'd like the one with the ravens… kahit ako ang pupunta sayo. 😀
    BTW, I thought they were pretty bookmarks. :))

  109. Mansy Abesamis Reply

    Ganda ng color combination! Hehe galing!! See you soon, Allie! 😀

  110. aya dalumpines Reply

    I've always wanted to be a slasher, too! I call it hyphenate naman. Haha! My resolution to this dilemma was to take it by the day. I think of the future too much that sometimes I forget what's in the present. I ended up happier and excited for the possibilities and opportunities that can come each day 🙂

  111. Roma Reply

    This reminded me of an article about the slash generation which is basically us. 🙂 I had wanted to make different things, too. And make a living out of them! I remember wanting to be a broadcast journalist back then and then all these fascination with other fields came up! I am now a professional teacher and I am excited to be doing different things, still, in the future! 🙂

  112. Ferrina Malinao Jimenez Reply

    Hi Allie, I'm a slasher too! Im good at my archi job and it helps pay the bill that's why I did setmy mind that I will commit to it 100%. I love to be bake, so I sell cupcakes, I love gardening, I wanted to do graphic design too (wc i can never find the time to do). At my age (35) i still dream of having that mini pastry shop where tjere's a garden at the back where only a few people will know about, but I will have a grand time even if earnings are almost minial.

    Just continue doing what you love. Last night I almost posted something on fb that will seem will most likely offend bored people. I would like ti have their luxury of time. I deleted it, not wanting to offend people who's fb post is "i'm bored".

    We are lucky that our mind and heart are not idle. Dont worry that people may think that you have no focus on one real journey. You are a slasher and thats better than a person with no aspirations. You must be seeing beauty all the time 🙂

  113. Laura Reply

    I really like this post, can very much relate to the having too many interests and wanting to do everything! But so far, it sounds like you're on your way to doing all these things you enjoy, it's really great that you have so many projects going on *w*

  114. gn ocampo Reply

    I think this is a plague of our generation — the slasher. hihi. But then again, so many opportunities are presented to us that we want to be everything in anything.

    But then, in the end, we have to bring ourselves back to the question you asked: Do we want to do this for the rest of our lives?

    There are not enough dreams to keep us from grabbing them and making them ours. But we have time. 🙂

  115. Lorra Elena Reply

    I loved reading this Allie! I can relate so much, down to the fact that you're an architect and being one is my first big dream job and still is sometimes. 🙂

    Aside from that, you did a great job with layouting and styling the post. I enjoyed clicking on the colorful headings and finding great images under them. You're really showing your chops in graphic design as well. 🙂

  116. Allie Principe Reply

    Hahaha actually my mom says our generation has really low EQ which is why we're always restless and wanting to be doing something! Yup I know what you mean about taking it a day at a time! I used to be doing the Happiness Project way where I have a checklist of goals for each day, but I've found out that I'm much happier just taking everything as they come. But it certainly helps to know what direction I want to go in 😀

  117. Kendrick Salting Reply

    Good for you. My dream job is to be a website developer since it both involves programming and design (logic and creativity in one package). I guess I've dreamed to be "slasher" (I love your term) from the start. I am proud to say that I am living that dream now. Additionally, I have decluttered and simplified my life to such a extent that I finally have enough time to pursue other dreams involving arts, literature, and some long-term investments.

  118. Jonette Valenciano Reply

    As always, two thumbs up to this post, Allie! I agree with you, Aya, and Roma about being a part of the slasher generation. There's the thought of having our fingers in too many pies, but then again, where's the fun in having just one flavor for the rest of our lives? I also agree with what Aya said regarding taking one day at a time. It can be very easy wearing ourselves out running after all these goals. We do what we can with the time we're given, right now.

    Here's to making the most of our days, and to making our myriad dreams come true! I'll be cheering you on. 🙂

  119. Jessamine Pacis Reply

    Wow! You're one very talented girl. Keep it up, Allie! It might take an awful LOT of work to be a successful "slasher", but you'll get there. I know you will. 🙂

  120. Arriane / Reply

    I LOVE THIS! Especially the changing nametag GIF. You're lucky though, I can't even put a label on each of the individual things I do. Haha I'm a slasher alien.

    From one slasher to another, I totally get what you mean: it is hella hard. I'm kinda going through a preeeeeetty crazy January just because in each and every one of those things I do – everyone's just been in New Year Adrenaline mode, and I kinda feel like I need to be 100% there for each project and all the not-sleeping is driving me nuts.

    But it's the best feeling ever. To not be one thing. To be doing absolutely EVERYTHING you love. I'm so happy you've found that sweet spot too!

    Awesome, awesome post Allie! 🙂 Love the aesthetic, as always 😉

  121. Allie Principe Reply

    Hi Roma! You're right, I think it's our generation's blessing and curse, depending on how you deal with it. One one hand you can get overwhelmed and just be satisfied with whatever you end up with, our you strive to get make the most out of life. Cheers to us and our endeavors! 🙂

  122. Allie Principe Reply

    Hi Nen! It's awesome that you're getting to do so much (with kids too!). I hope I can be that all around too, what an inspiration! The plague of boredom is one of the worst really. Thanks for the great advice, what a quotable quote your last paragraph is. Thank you for dropping by and commenting! :).

  123. Allie Principe Reply

    HI Laura, thank you! I've only started on it fairly recently but so far so good! Let's keep on pursuing everything we want to do, yes? 😀

  124. Allie Principe Reply

    Can I just say how awesome this entire comment is? I need to screencap it and use it as wallpaper to cheer me up when I'm feeling inadequate haha! Thanks Gn! 🙂

  125. Allie Principe Reply

    Thank you Lorra! 🙂 I still think it's kismet that we were made partners for this challenge, since we have a lot in common in both past and present dreams haha! And who says you can't pursue architecture anymore? It's never too late!

    Thanks for mentioning the layout as well, I was inspired by Arriane's blog posts actually. I wanted to find a way to shorten the post so that it didn't look too intimidating hehe. 🙂

  126. Lorra Elena Reply

    I've been trying to find a way to do the same thing but I'm finding that I don't get internet technicalities as well as I used to. :)) Ito na ba ang pagtanda?!

    I want to change my website design but every time I look at the codes, I just give up hahaha.

  127. Allie Principe Reply

    Hi Kendrick! Actually I would love to learn more about web development, since what I know about it is still pretty limited and I'm more of a "web designer", if I can call myself such. And yes, one of my goals is to declutter my life too and focus on the important things. You're lucky to be living your dream! Thanks for dropping by and commenting! 🙂

  128. Allie Principe Reply

    Hi Jonette! Right? It's so boring to be doing just one thing all the time haha! But yes, it's always important to not get too overworked about the future and miss living in the present (something that I have been so, so guilty of during the past.)

    Thanks for dropping by again, cheers to dreams and making them a reality! 🙂

  129. Allie Principe Reply

    Yay thank you Arriane! Actually I have a feeling those labels might increase pa over time. Everyday day I discover something new about the world and makes me love more and more things.

    It's been a busy start of the year for me too because projects that got halted during the Christmas season as well as new projects are all demanding equal attention. But hey, I love this crazy, borderline workaholic lifesetyle haha!

    Actually I was inspired by your own blog posts where you do dropdown headings to split it up and make things a little easier to read. So thank you! <3 And thanks for dropping by! 😀

  130. Nicole Batac Reply

    I wasn't able to reply to this entry of yours but I love everything about your blog and this entry. <3

    And I think a slasher is a good way to live, especially if you're good at them anyway.

    Hoping you get to do all you want to do! Yosh, gambarimashou~

  131. Ji Reply

    Hi Allie! I've been meaning to comment on this post because it's one of my favorites from the blogging challenge!

    I'm so with you on the "slasher" thing. I feel like I wanna do so much but at the same time I'm worried about being a Jack of all trades and a master of none. But nothing wrong with dabbling in a little bit of everything, right? That way, life's not so monotonous. Anyway, super love this post and the quirky graphics (nametag gif is <3!). I bid you well on your slasher journey!

  132. Valerie Reply

    Great entry!! 😀 Sometime last year I also made a similar entry about wanting to hold multiple jobs/professions. After much thought I felt that it's not exactly the way to go at this moment because I really need to earn a living and it's hard for me I'm juggling so many things at the same time and the hierarchy of income isn't proportional to the amount of effort I put in (I got employed as a gallery manager a few months ago and resigned shortly after). I'm SO bad at holding so many jobs and dividing my attention so right now I resolved to do illustration full time so I can do my job properly. It's funny that I couldn't run with the slasher generation. Haha. Though my biggest dream is to own a gallery-cafe. I'm all for entrepreneurship and honing a creative culture. And perhaps just taking things 1 step at a time. 🙂

  133. Lady Spring Reply

    haha I thought of doing this by washi or stamp the other day but I felt lazy and just pinned similar illustrations on pinterest XD

  134. shannon ・ シャノン Reply

    I think this post has actually made me want to work harder too! My dream job is to be a photographer even though I am at the moment in uni majoring in art history. I often question why I do the things I do, don't do other things, and if I will ever succeed. I think its good to prioritize but not so much that you get stuck in your ways. I'm still working on that though haha. Good luck to all of your future endeavors! (:

  135. Lorra Elena Reply

    Love this! I felt excited waiting for your post because I knew it was going to be another well-designed post. And I want to do the hair dare too.

    I've been wanting these colors for the longest time, pero medyo takot pa ako: and

    Can't wait to see your room renovation posts. I'm sure Pinterest-worthy talaga yan! And about working by yourself, I know what you mean about feeling uncertain because you're used to working with your partner. Pero kayang kaya mo yan. Will be cheering you on! 🙂

  136. Chai Reply

    Allie!!!!!! I will do a feature of you on my blog soon, okay? In your room!! With all your crafts and things! Sorry for all the exclamation points, but your post got me all excited, haha! <3

  137. Allie Principe Reply

    Thanks Lorra! Tara let's do the hair dare na! Ang ganda ng pegs mo! What I'm planning to do is go really light blonde muna, and then traverse through all the colors I want going from lightest to darkest haha! 😀

    Changing up my room is something i've been wanting to do for so long but I keep getting swamped with work! Hopefully I can do it soon! Thanks for the support! <3

  138. Allie Principe Reply

    Hi Chai! Acck napressure naman ako haha! Not too soon though, my room is literally a dump pa haha! But that sounds exciting, I'm game! <3

  139. gn. Reply

    I love how you lay out your blog…tips? 🙂

    I can't wait if you start selling your stuff. I saw that you did stickers from a craft soiree you attended (parang stalker lang e. ahhaha)…hope you make that available!

  140. Ji Reply

    I love the graphics you made for each of your dares!

    And pastel ombre hair looks soooooooo cool, Except bleaching looks kinda dangerous ^^; I look forward to seeing your hair transformation!

    Best of luck in accomplishing your new year goals!

  141. Allie Principe Reply

    Aaaah thank you for that idea! I will make a blog post about it so I can explain more in detail! 🙂

    I'm excited for it too! I still need my schedule to be a little more forgiving before I start on it because I'm so swamped with work all the time! But yes will definitely include those hihi! Thanks so much! 😀

  142. Allie Principe Reply

    Thanks Ji! I'm flattered that this post is one of your favorites hihi <3

    I know right? I don't want to be a master of none. I want to be a master of everything hahaha! (Ambisyosa much). But life is just too boring if I just do one thing for the rest of my life. Thanks for stopping by! Good luck with your journey too! <3

  143. Allie Principe Reply

    Hi Val! I get what you mean, it scares me sometimes too because I'm worried that I might be stretching myself too far out without really delving into anything that I can commit too. In a world that's being more and more specialized, sometimes I wonder if being a slasher is better than just sticking to one thing and having people know you for it (I hope that made sense!) But anyway, I just think I thrive more when I'm doing different things because I love multitasking haha! It varies from person to person I guess. As long as we don't rush, we'll get there one way or another. 🙂

    I would love to visit your gallery/cafe when you set it up! We need more creative spaces in Manila!

    Thanks so much for dropping by! I love long comments teehee 🙂

  144. Allie Principe Reply

    Hahaha I just saw it online via a few articles! Thank you, and yay thanks for supporting Snickerdoodles! I hope we come up with new stuff soon! 🙂

  145. Drea Reply

    Ganda Allie! Sa future sana pag pwede na kaming ikasal, ikaw na nakakontrata sa ganto ha? hehe. See you soon! 🙂

  146. gn Reply

    You like Frankie too! 🙂 Yey! I only got my first Frankie issue last Tuesday.

  147. Eula Reply

    I do like how clean but not plain your layout is. (Mine's a little too plain I think.) I agree so much with fixed width! I've set mine to 1000px for the entire blog so it can fit into the older lower-res monitors. May I ask what stylus you're using?

  148. Allie Principe Reply

    I had fantasies of that WAAAY way back (when I was still super into photography) but I don't think I can handle all the moving around haha! I love the feel of your photos though and I think it would be a different yet great look for weddings. 🙂

  149. Lady Spring Reply

    Finally found the downtime to comment XD
    I love your view on wanting to do too many things. You made it sound positive. I realized I had been looking at it negatively. It's probably why I'm having such a hard time managing my activities. XD

  150. Eula Reply

    But I love sassy miss four-eyed up there! ^_^ My sister gave me her Targus stylus but my iPad handwriting is no where as nice as yours.

  151. Lady Spring Reply

    Love this post! I hope other bloggers get to read this. I see a lot of blogs with small photos. Urgh it drives me crazy!! (T0T) I actually convinced a few to enlarge their photos. haha *adik lang*

  152. Lady Spring Reply

    To be honest I don't fuss over Vday either but I do force my bf to give me flowers. *yeah!* And I love all the couple discounts stores offer. *wahaha*

  153. Eula Reply

    So cute. Love geometric shapes too! I must visit lasting impression soon. Those pastel ink pads are so lovely.

  154. Cachi Reply

    I like both styles! Very good! *clap clap clap* I want to learn how to do those stamp things. Hehe

  155. Allie Principe Reply

    Thanks Cachi! Tara let's have a crafting session soon, Drea's planning to organize one! 🙂 Or I'll bring my carving tools during review so I can show you after hehe.

  156. anne Reply

    can totally relate to your post.i wanted to take up fashion design when i was in highschool but my mom told me na "hobby lang yan" so i took up architecture (somewhat connected to the arts and is a "grown up course") graduated, took the boards right away,passed and worked for leandro locsin as an unpaid intern ( economy was down during that time) left,worked as a consultant but dabbled in making organic spa products, accessory making, illustration finally decided to take up fashion design so, back to square one. (like you i fantasized of marrying a rich old guy para tapos na lahat pero hello diba?)

    a friend of mine told me that i love life that's why i want to try a lot of things but i guess it's time for me to grow up and just concentrate on one right now (childrenswear) because i'm not getting any younger and as my parents would say "baka malampasan ka na ng panahon."

  157. hellogelibee Reply

    Allie! Hug! Self-doubts are normal and in a way, they make you stronger when you face them head on! Just do what you are capable of doing and you'll be amazed that you can even do more! 🙂 Let your talents shine! Being the most athletic or artistic in the world is not all that matters, its being able to do what you love, to reach out and to touch other people's lives in your own little way 🙂

    You can do it Allie and we are always here to support you 🙂

    If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves. – Thomas Edison 🙂

  158. Jonette Valenciano Reply

    You know what? Good for you that you decided to take the leap and say "Yes"! You're on a roll, and it's easy to see why. You've got the brains, the talent, and the moxie to keep the good things coming. You're living an adventure, and you're right — what's adventure without risk? Utterly boring.

    To greater and grander adventures for you, Allie! 😀

  159. Cachi Reply

    Just go for it, Allie. I have always thought you'd branch out in graphic design kahit nung college pa lang tayo. That's where you thrive. Take as many projects as you can, you have nothing to lose.

    I'm going lend you Joy Cho's book, "Creative, Inc.: The Ultimate Guide to Running a Successful Freelance Busines" if you have not yet read it. Bigay ko sa yo sa Friday after the review.


  160. Allie Principe Reply

    Thanks Geli! I love the Thomas Edison quote, magawan nga ng grohic minsan hehe. Yes For the longest time I got so wrapped up in thinking that I wasn't good enough to do what I want to do, but then no one should let that stop them from going after their dreams. Hug! Thank you for the encouraging words!

  161. Allie Principe Reply

    You always shower me with such compliments Jonette, I'm not worthy hahaha! Thank you, it means a lot to hear this from someone who I also admire. Let's not stop living our daily adventures! Onward we go! 🙂

  162. Allie Principe Reply

    Thank you Cachi! Yup am trying to take on as much s I can, although I hope not too much that I completely neglect architecture, because It's still something I want to continue doing and improve on. 🙂

    I love Joy Cho! I've heard about her book but haven't read it yet, so yay thank you in advance! 😀 if we're going out after class I can show you how to make stamps hihi <3

  163. Lady Spring Reply

    It's not surprising why they trusted you. You have a good design aesthetic just from looking at your blog and your posts. This is the best time for you because people come to you knowing "these" are what you can do. You have a lot of time to learn and build your portfolio. 🙂 Good luck! I hope you get more clients ^-^v

  164. Merri Chan Reply

    ang cute allie 😀 😀 😀 love the dress illustrations 😀

  165. Laura Reply

    Nice to see that you're posting again! Agreed with your comment about the slouchy pants girl – major props for pulling off the whole thing in such a chic way!

  166. Allie Principe Reply

    Hi Laura, glad to see you back here as well! I know right? I'm trying to imagine myself wearing the same thing and I can't say that it's a pretty picture hahaha.

  167. Cachi Reply

    Welcome back, Allie! And thank you for my new blog design 😀

  168. Denise Celones Reply

    wow! this is a nice idea! thanks for sharing 😀

  169. Denise Celones Reply

    beautiful!!!! :)) I'm sure they had a fabulous wedding 🙂

  170. ileOdarod Reply

    this is very very useful! Thank you so much! I found myself loving graphic design lately although I mostly design ebook covers these days. But then I got a client who wanted me to design logo/ads once in a while. it's just an online job and the pay is cheap but I decided to take it seriously so at least I can build a portfolio.

    I usually go to deviantart for ideas and look for other logo of similar products, but I found the latter very counterproductive as I tend to imitate so I avoid it as much as possible. Thanks for suggesting pinterest.

  171. Allie Principe Reply

    Hi there! I think it's great that you're taking on projects too. It's always a bit of a bummer to have such small paying jobs sometimes, but as long as it's temporary and you aim towards a goal of growing your portfolio, you'll get better clients in the future.

    I sometimes go to Deviantart as well but mostly for resources.It's not as user friendly for me, and I have to sift through a lot of stuff before I get something I like. On the other hand, Pinterest is usually a goldmine. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  172. Chai Reply

    This is so cute! I've always been curious to know how it's done, the whole process of branding, and this is a pretty neat insight to it all! I'm sure there's a lot of technical stuff that goes into it but this just makes it look really fun, haha!

    I've been thinking of getting one din, a logo of sorts to go with my blog, but I don't think I'm at that place yet. For me, anyway! Maybe in the near future. Will definitely ask you first if that time comes, haha <3

  173. Allie Principe Reply

    Thanks Chai! Actually it is fun. I didn't really dive into the technical stuff because I'm not really sure if I know what to say, since I just sort of bumble along the process haha. But I'm glad you enjoyed reading! And yes, I'm definitely game to do your blog logo someday! <3

  174. Hannah G. Reply

    This was really inspiring and helpful! Thanks for posting! 🙂

  175. Agus Reply

    HI Allie! thanks so much for featuring my watercolor tip! By the way, your blog is super pretty!

    Hope to see you again in mine and I cant wait to see what dowloadable you make with this (:



  176. Anna Alzona Reply

    Nako Allie. I'm so idealistic din. Maybe that's why I'm putting off looking for a job. HAHA. Kasi I want my next job to be as fulfilling as possible, na marami akong makukuha sa kaniya that I wasn't able to learn from my last job, and takot akong maulit yung negative experiences ko (particularly re: work environment). I'm a bit afraid that my long work hiatus will hurt me when I eventually get back to a regular job. And I totally understand the pressure of the ticking clock, but maybe we shouldn't compare ourselves to others din? While it can be somewhat of a motivator, it could also be a huge blow to our self confidence. HAY! And basically, I'm trying to figure out what I want to specialize in din. Pero yeah, need to get a job soon to finance my needs (AND WANTS HAHA ehem ehem Carly Rae Jepsen concert tickets) asap!!! Good luck to us. Hugs! (HAHA SORRY HABA NG COMMENT, makapag-vent lang!)

  177. Cachi Reply

    Hi Allie! I feel the same way, especially with the "WHAT IS TAKING ME SO LONG?" thoughts in my head. I have a lot of dreams and goals that I want to achieve but I don't know where, when and how to start. I told my parents that I'm experiencing quarter life crisis but they just laughed at me -_-'. I guess it's because there was no such thing back when they were in their 20's.

    We should do a life plan/building session, or at least help each other (and maybe other friends) with what we want to do and how to achieve them. Ano yun, let's hire a life coach? Hehe.

  178. Ella Umali Reply

    I can relate so much! I'm also unemployed right now and taking on some freelance jobs. What keeps me interested in planning to apply to full time work is the steady pay and "work experience"

  179. Allie Principe Reply

    Acck Anna, I know what you mean! I got a little disillusioned in my past jobs that I just want to make sure na I really love my next one and can stick by it this time. Pero I'm also afraid that the longer I wait for that perfect job, I just get rusty and not know what to do anymore once I do get a job na. Hay nako. And yes, definitely ang hirap ng walang constant source of income! Ang daming factors haha!

  180. Allie Principe Reply

    Hi Cachi! Diba, it all gets a little too overwhelming sometimes that I get discouraged haha. I was talking about it with my mom too, and she said they didn't really have the luxury of having a quarterlife crisis, since most of them had their paths defined for them already, and they didn't have a lot of options back then either. So I guess in one sense, we're lucky that we have so much for us out there?

    We probably should have a life coaching session. A2 and Friends activity hahaha!

  181. Allie Principe Reply

    I should probably be motivated by the same, but I can't seem to make myself want to work for any firm even if I'm in dire need of money haha. I dunno, I guess I'm still looking for one that motivates me and where my talents beyond just architectural stuff would be of use as well. As I said, I think I'm too idealistic haha.

  182. Jena Reply

    ALLIEEEEEE!!! super naka relate ako bigla dito!!!hahaha.:)))
    "WHAT IS TAKING ME SO LONG!!!" after board exam, napa-isip what's next.:))) At ang tanging naisip kong sagot ay, WALA NA, KAILANGAN na MAGSERYOSO sa BUHAY!!!! :)) Sabi nung grad namin nung April, binanggit ni Dean Espina na sa field talaga natin matagal ang pag-asenso..The life of an architect begins at 60!!!! Pero pano kung pressured ka nga sa paligid mo…sa pamilyang dapat mong mga friends mong asensadong asensado na nga ngayon…at sa pangalan ng school na dala dala mo..habang tayo nagsisimula palang tlaga ng totoong buhay…

    Nag-usap din kami ni Sir Alex pagbalik ko dito sa office and tinanong niya kung anong future plans ko..At ang nasagot ko ay wala pa sir..Wala pa kong balak umalis dito.. Sabi niya, okay lang daw pero hindi nga raw ako yayaman dito, hindi rin ako maggogrow kasi kung ano ginagawa ko dati, ganun parin..Hindi rin ako mapopromote dahil wala naman akong papalitan..hahaha..

    Hindi ko masabi kay Sir na feeling ko kasi, hindi pa ako ready umalis comfort zone na to…At feeling ko, paglipat ko sa iba..ang laki laki na ng expectations nila and nakakatakot na hindi ma-meet yung ganun…NAKAKATAKOT!@_@ pero I know, very very soon I have to face those fears dahil kung hindi, wala akong mararating sa buhay at hindi ko matutupad ang mga plano ko sa buhay…NAKAKATAKOT lang talaga!!!

    hahahaha..sympre nagkwento lang ako dito..siguro tama si Anna, wag nalang natin icompare ang sarili natin sa iba… And I guess we really need to be patient…one step at a time.:) Hanggang sa magising nalang tayo one day…very very SHET ETO NA YUN EH!!!!:D We just need to stay positive and and be thankful dahil napakaswerte parin nating mga nilalang!hahaha.:)))

    I MISS YOU!!!:D

  183. Erica Reply

    Gosh, thanks for including me in this round up! I'm honored! I'm heading off to check out some of these other awesome finds you included! 🙂

  184. Allie Principe Reply

    Hi Agus!

    Definitely will be dropping by your site again! I'll let you know when I get to make that downloadable 😉 Thanks for visiting! 🙂

  185. Laura Reply

    Off topic but that guy on the right is so ikemen! Haha but this time I like the way the outfits on the left match better with the print of her skirt/his top!

  186. Katie Reply

    That kitchen is wonderful! The only suggestion I have would
    be a statement piece…something like this jar, or
    another beautiful option.

  187. Merri Chan Reply

    Full name: Merrilyn Ann G. Chan
    Twitter name: @cuzincurly [Merri Chan]
    My traveling feet would like to go to Davao because it's one of the proofs that the Philippines has the best to offer (good beaches and metropolis in one). 😀

  188. Garden Chef's Needle in Pen Reply

    Hi Allie, I like that 3-intersecting-circle diagram in your post. I've known your mom in college and her ottoman post in FB led me to your site which I like. Following you now!

  189. hellogelibee Reply

    Allie! We need to talk 😛 Haha joke lang. Take your time dear, it may take a while but it will definitely be worth it. Time has a wonderful way of unfolding things, sometimes during unexpected times pa. Keep on doing what you love to do, Allie! I'm 101% sure you're on the right track. Hugs!!

  190. Cachi Reply

    Your mom is so awesome! I don't know how to crochet, but I adore this kind of project for the home 🙂

  191. Denise Celones Reply

    I like your designs (especially the light colors). I've been thinking of transferring to WordPress but coding the themes is too difficult for me. I'm just wondering how much do you charge for customized themes? 😀

  192. Raquel Lynn Reply

    Where is the running horse art in the background from? It's absolutely beautiful! The slip covers are amazing as well, I have an old ottoman that I would love to recover with something like that!

  193. Allie Principe Reply

    Hi there Raquel, she actually made each horse by hand and compiled them on the large canvas. You should try making an ottoman cover too, it's a really good way to give your old furniture a facelift! 🙂

  194. catherinecena Reply

    Hi Allie! I've definitely been where you are. When I quit my job it just felt so liberating, and the freedom to do whatever and have the time to do everything I wanted to do was amazing. But it came with this overwhelming sense of… "What now?"

    Even now, I feel like I have to rush rush rush with my plans in life (if I ever figure out what they are exactly) because I'm getting older. Sooo close to 30 now huhu.

    Anyway, if you can't find that "perfect job", I suggest making your own. My current job(s), while still a little unstable, give me a great sense of fulfillment. Also, sabi nga ni Patty Laurel, "There are things you do for passion, and things you do just for money. You have to go and find that balance." Be a slasher (Your term, I believe.)

    Good luck!

  195. Merri Chan Reply

    Congrats allie! 😀 where did you have your lasik surgery and how much did it roughly cost? I'm weighing my options of whether I should get it done or not. 😀

  196. Diana Reply

    Gahh! This is perfect! I have a whole Pinterest board for my (hopefully) future Scandinavian home! Hi Allie! 🙂

  197. doreese Reply

    Your blog posts are so helpful. Especially these ones, I love it! THanks for sharing 🙂 – doris

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  199. Ren Reply

    Use the pathfinder for texture in illustrator to keep it a vector image 🙂
    Or if you want you can add texture in photoshop (magiging raster nga lang)

  200. catherinecena Reply

    Uy ang saya. Great series! I've also always wondered how other couples work together creatively as well. 🙂

  201. Paige Reply

    Love this series! The creative couple idea is so great and is something I've never really seen explored yet. I also am starting to add interviews to my blog, so I'm happy to see someone else who is too!!


  202. Allie Principe Reply

    Yay thanks Cathy! I find it really interesting, since I know everyone has their own way of going about it. Maybe I can interview you and Erick for this too hihi! 😀

  203. mayceegreene Reply

    I love this! I cannot believe it never occurred to me to do this. It's cute and perfect and I have a new project 🙂

    Maycee (Boiler Repair)

  204. Victoria Reply

    Congrats! I loved reading the first issue! I'd really like to be able to contribute for future ones, too!

  205. Jonette Valenciano Reply

    Two thumbs up, Allie! I really, really love this first issue, and here's to all your future issues to come! The layout is so happy, light, and relaxing. May maipag-mamalaki na uli ako sa mga European learners ko! 😀 Hope I can also contribute sometime in the future! 🙂

  206. Aysha Farooqui from www.thecre Reply

    Wow, these are quirky and beautiful! Thanks for your simple tutorial 🙂

  207. Lorra Reply

    Yay! Thank you so much for this Allie. Hope you and Lando finish your comics, because I'm sure that would he awesome. 🙂

  208. hellogelibee Reply

    Cute idea, Allie! I'll try this too! Yummy cupcake, Cachi!!! <3 Looking forward to more Fright Night projects from you and Cachi 🙂

  209. Danielle Reply

    Lovely magazine! I'm clicking every link at every page, with your mix playing on the background! Will def look forward to every release 🙂

  210. Marjie Reply

    Me likey. <3 I got a long cardigan in Zalora! You should get one too! Mas pwede pa sya dito sa pinas! :>

  211. ruzu Reply

    Awww everything looks amazing, Japan is in my travel list (someday…) now you are living there, wow, good luck

  212. Merri Chan Reply

    mas marami pala nangyayari sa labas. We only stayed inside for a while because the weather was so cold :/

  213. Laura Reply

    Ahhhh this seems so cool, especially the Discommunication Machine you mentioned! Would love to check this out irl one day *w*

  214. Laura Reply

    This place looks so cute! Bookmarking for future reference :3
    What is that black bread btw?

  215. Drea Reply

    Grabe kainggit naman! I bet your room is super duper pretty and ang swerte mo me Ikea dyannn huhu. Can't wait for more blog posts! 🙂

  216. Laura Reply

    congratulations on 1 year of katha! 🙂
    btw the link on the picture says "404 link not found" when i went to vote >_<

  217. Laura Reply

    Are you choosing from the ones you posted? They're all pretty cool but maybe the upside-down roof and/or "rock n roll" :3

  218. Allie Principe Reply

    I do really like the upside down roof and the rock n' roll! So far these are the ones that stood out for me but I wanna look around his site a little more before deciding. Thanks for the suggestion!! ;D

  219. Donna || HEYLADYSPRING.COM Reply

    I'm on a planner / journal craze too! You're right it's therapeutic to write stuff down. And to see your goals everyday kind of pushes you out the door to do stuff. Looking forward to your future hobonichi posts! 🙂

  220. SonOfAPeach Reply

    I am unsure whether im gonna make my boards secret cause I dont wanna let others (haha) kinda steal my ideas. I made them public tho. now there's no turning back T^T

    P.S. cool IG acct and please update/fix this pretty blog. some links are broken huhu. aaand I wanna see your portfolio too hihi

    Best of luck to you and Lando(?)! YAY! <3

  221. Sar Reply

    Hi Allie! I kinda relate on this post. I’ve been a “floor person” ever since I saw that ghost-under-bed photo. Haha! That was over a decade ago, though. Anyway, I love the one on the fourth photo! It looks so comfy 🙂

    • Allie Principe Reply

      Hi Sar! Hahaha I never thought of it that way, but that sounds scary ;____; I do miss the extra space you get to use under the bed, but then again it usually just accumulates junk haha.

      Right?? Somehow floor beds actually seem more comfy than conventional ones, maybe because they look a little less structured in shape 🙂

  222. Chai Reply

    Suuuper late comment but YAY @ this segment!! You know I LOVE makeup, especially Japanese cosmetics, so I was so happy when I saw you post this!

    Anyway, some thoughts (naks):

    For the Visee Lip & Cheek, I see A LOT of models use it also, so I’ve been really curious about it. Thinking about it now though, I think 90% of those models are Zipper models so I’m not sure if it’s just cos they’re sponsored or what :)))) I use the Canmake one and it works well naman, but sometimes I blend it out too much that my foundation ends up moving around. But the color stays on for a long time, and it’s cheaper + Canmake is more accessible for me so I think I’ll be sticking to the Cream Cheek.

    I haven’t tried makeup bases or correctors, but I’ve seen some people use the green Concealer in a Jar by NYX for redness and it seems to work okay.. I don’t know if it’s available in Japan though.

    I haven’t tried anything from Majolica other than eye makeup so I’m pretty curious about the primer! My skin gets super oily though, so I don’t think this would work for me..

    YES @ you being a tint convert!! I swear I’ve stopped using my lipsticks almost completely.. I just use them for like taking photos for outfits or contact lens reviews, but never for going out. I think Canmake has a lip tint now also, but since lip tints are a big thing in Korea (Korean makeup is pretty much synonymous to gradient lips and straight brows lol), you’re gonna get more variety from Korean brands. They have water type tints, gel tints, etc. The water type is the most drying daw but I use mine under a lip balm so ok lang hehe.

    LOL @ the Canmake quad being sparkly. I think majority of Japanese eyeshadows are sparkly, they only vary on how much sparkle there is. I’ve tried this quad before but in a different colorway, and it was ok but I still prefer MajoMajo for eyeshadow overall.

    I haven’t tried dry shampoo myself but they use it on me at the salon and they still rinse it out with water…. so I don’t really know how it works lol. I use a shampoo bar from LUSH because I have reeeally oily hair as well. It helped a lot with the oil, but it didn’t help with other problems like my irritated scalp LOL. Ok naman cos my hair usually takes 1 day to get super oily, now it’s at 2-3 days depending on how long I’ve been outside. (Tinest ko talaga LOL.) Pero I end up having to shampoo every other day rin since my scalp gets itchy parin huhu.

    ANG HABA NG COMMENT KO LOL but you know I am crazy about these things so I get super daldal whenever the topic is brought up, haha! I’m so happy I finally get to talk about this with friends hahaha! Looking forward to more of these posts!! <3

    • Allie Principe Reply

      I LOVE LONG COMMENTS HAHAHA. Nakakatawa actually, after I posted this one, a lot of friends messaged me saying na yehey may kausap na daw sila about beauty. I should have done this a lot sooner!

      I’m still interested in the Canmake one since they have a red that looks more orange-y than this Visee one, and I love orange/coral tone blushes! I’ll probably get one when I have burned through some of the other things I want to buy that I need more (lol ang dami sa totoo lang).

      Actually I’m pretty much still feeling my way through as far as makeup bases and correctors are concerned. For the longest time I’ve been content with just BB cream on my face after my moisturizing routine, but somehow I’m not satisfied anymore? I blame it on Japan! Everyone has such good skin and makeup nakakapressure hahaha huhuhu.

      True about the sparkly eyeshadow, nagkamali lang talaga akong tingin when I was buying the quad! If I’m gonna buy a matte one I might go try a non-Japanese brand next like Rimmel or NYX since they have a lot of options. Will look at Majo though, I always neglect to take a closer look at their eye stuff! Bad experience kasi ako sa eyeliner nila. 🙁

      Ayan natapatan ko ata comment mo with an equally long reply hahaha! <3

  223. Merri Reply

    I can’t wait for your next post 😀 japanese products have so far been great, yun konting natry ko 🙂 (k-palette, shu uemura and bifesta)

    • Allie Principe Reply

      I’m thinking of trying Shu Uemura’s cleansing oil actually! Though I use one from DHC right now and it works great, I’m curious if there’s a big difference between the two!

  224. Justine Reply

    Hi Allie! By any chance, do you still remember the agency you booked this trip or you DIY this? Thanks! Planning to go there! hehe.

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  226. Chai Reply

    Uy ano ba yang water intake na yan, I have the exact same problem!! On some days I don’t even come close to reaching my 2L/day goal. I know it’s all about discipline but I keep forgetting talaga. Maybe putting tumblers of water next to you will work? Huhu. Medyo nainggit rin ako sa swimming! I want to take up some sort of physical activity but the sports that I like are limited to just swimming in bowling :))

    AND WAIT LANG, by return to the Philippines do you mean return for good? Naloka ako haha kala ko pa naman mapupuntahan pa kita dyan! But either way, I miss you so it’ll be my chance to see you again yey!

    Also yes to making our blogs more personal again! Medyo nag-take over rin sa blog ko yung outfits and reviews, I felt kind of nostalgic just reading my posts from 4-5 years ago. And I found na mas interesting talaga yung blogs that share bits and pieces of daily life (like yours!) since I keep going back to read them.

    Good luck to our 2016 goals, Allie!! Excited to see all the pretty things you’ll create this year <3

    • Allie Principe Reply

      I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN ABOUT LIMITED OPTIONS FOR SPORTS! To be quite honest, I didn’t want to go running at all but Lando joined a marathon and the only way I could get him to run and prepare for it was if I ran with him HAHAHA so I was forced into it lol. Kinda ended up liking it though, and it’s a bit easier to do on a whim than swimming! I wanted to swim also even when I was in Manila but it’s so hard to find a nice pool for laps there! Maybe there’s one in your area though?

      Re: I bought a big tumbler for work and I am requiring myself to drink four refills of it everyday, huhu fingers crossed! I also keep forgetting though. Maybe we should put an alarm on our phones or something? :))

      Our contract is for three years so we only have a little over a year left! I “think” we have the option to renew but no talks yet + I dunno if I want to lol. Long story. But if you’re going here this year will definitely see you (and tell you about it!) Sana oo because I MISS YOU ALSO AND WE NEED TO HANG OUT!

      I really like reading your blog though, even if reviews and outfits it still feels like there’s a personal touch to it I think? And I enjoy looking through your Life Lately posts, I should really do something like that again as well!

      Good luck to us Chai! Thank youuu! And I have the Internet to thank for meeting you too! <3

  227. Drea Reply

    ALLIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE noooo stay in Japan foreverrrr haha joke that’s my dream though. Saya that you manage to run kakainggit! I want to do that too but I’m tamad lol 🙂
    I still dream of owning my own hobonichi planner but as of now I’m using the moleskine planner from Starbucks- I find that the small daily pages aren’t too intimidating and I’m planning on doodling more on each page daily. I also made a vow to draw movies I like daily so let’s see how that goes!
    I miss your blog posts and I miss you!

    • Allie Principe Reply


      Kung pwede lang magstay here forever, I would! Really depends on how things work out huhu. Balitaan kita!

      Ang cute nung movies project mo I love it! Di ko talaga alam how you do it and squeeze in doing so much art kahit daming work, idol forever! Ako naman nawala yung kagustuhan ko for the Hobonichi planner when I discovered that Midori had an insert that had thick paper for watercolor, sobrang sold! Pricey yung cover pero iniisip ko nalang pwede ko siya magamit forever hehe.

      Thanks for dropping by, miss our Makati hangouts after work!!

  228. Drea Reply

    Haha I find that creating relaxes me more than it stresses me out so I make a bit of time for it. Also, watching movies daily help me in my work since my work is now related to it–we add soundtracks to books (which is my dream job haha), so I consider movie-watching as research. I still lust after the Hobonichi just to experience it haha. I didn’t know Midori had thick paper! I hope they sell that locally hehe. I enjoy reading your blogs and seeing your Japan photos please keep on posting don’t stop haha. Miss YOUUUUUUUUUU

  229. Krissel Reply

    Cool!! I wanna go there too! Also, how do you know the money washing thing didn’t work? Maybe it takes some time.. :p

    • Allie Principe Reply

      Hahaha thank you! Yup, favorite thing about the room I think! Although double edged sword because it’s so cold and hard to insulate during winter ;___;

  230. Kaila Reply

    Omg Allie nagbaback-read ako ngayon! tuwang tuwa ako sa mga DIY post mo!!! irereshare ko sa pag may time! gusto ko itry haha :)))

  231. Béné Reply

    I am just in love with your room ! So cute but mature at the same time and so pastel. I would love to know more about where you purchase everything.

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  233. Merri Reply

    I really wanted to try the aqua gel. It does seem to live to its hype based on your post 😀 and also muji products! I’ve been wanting to try them specially their cleansing oil. 🙂 Hope you get to review it soon.

    best moisturizers so far that I’ve tried on my flaky skin: Physiogel cream for the face and Cetaphil for the body :))

    • Allie Principe Reply

      Sobrang okay siya! And somehow seems milder than other exfoliators which seem a bit scary and harsh to me. I would love to explore more Muji products actually, but I always seem to end up buying something else dahil iniisip ko “meron naman nito sa Pinas” lol, ang labo!

      Baliktad naman tayo, I use Cetaphil on face then Physiogel on my body for a time! I used to use Celeteque back in Manila though, the anti-aging one, and was really fond of it also! Right consistency lang for the humid weather.

      • Merri Reply

        I also love celeteque 😀 I use their hydrating facial wash :)) super sulit for the price 😀

        Looking forward for more beauty related posts soon! 😀

        • Allie Principe Reply

          Thanks! I actually could write more pero trying to pace it out a bit since I don’t want this to turn into a beauty blog just yet hahaha! XD

  234. Marni Reply

    Al, I have been using Human Nature’s Overnight Elixer for about 3 months now. And it really changed my skin,actually about 2 weeks ago ko lang napansin yung changes. I bought the oil coz it promised to make your face look less tired and haggard. I admit working and law school has been taking quiet a toll on my appearance. In fairness it works,I don’t look as haggard on the days I get little sleep.

    And this is the lovely surprise pa. I have oily skin na tuwing lunch I really have to bust out the blotting sheets kasi mukhang kumain ng lechon yung buong mukha ko. Then my pores were so big near my nose area. I get really conscious because it’s noticeable. The past couple of weeks was hectic but I’m religious about skincare so I always clean my face and slap on my beauty shizz every night no matter how late or how tired I am.

    Ayun about two weeks ago,I finally had time to take a hard look at myself in the mirror. And wow,lumiit yung pores ko ha. Like Di na sya ganun ka noticeable. And pansin ko lang na Di na din ganun ka oily face ko. Save for the ‘period’ pimple I get wala ding break outs. And eto pa maybe because of the nourishing oils my eyebrows and lashes actually got thicker. I don’t need to put on as much eyebrow product like before,konting fill in nalang on some bald patches.

    I hope you check it out 🙂

    • Allie Principe Reply

      Hi Marn! Wow based on your story I think I have to go and try it out! Parang okay siyang alternative to the very very pricey Khiel’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I do wonder kung anong malaking differences nila nung Pure Rosehip Oil, must do research. Pero baka bili ako next time na makauwi ako! Thank you for the recommendation. <3

  235. Krissel Reply

    Yay! More of these posts please 😀 (sorry, I’m going to encourage your product buying and trying, haha) you’re using a few things I was thinking about trying myself, so this is super useful!!

    Have you tried any of Rosette’s cleaning pastes? I’m currently using the Hakudei Lift one (pink) but I’ve used their acne wash in the past as well. They’re these really thick pastes that foam up really nicely and this Hakudei one feels makes my skin feel surprisingly moisturized even after washing. I don’t have any info about the pH level though! The original type that comes in a tub/pot has been always been pretty high in Cosme rankings too!

    • Allie Principe Reply

      Hahaha! I had fun when we were looking around Etude House last Saturday, we should look around more makeup/skincare shops next time. 😛

      Ahh I see this all the time in the drugstore, but never tried it yet. It’s seems to work up a nice lather based on the photos. I checked the file though, PH level is higher at 8.5. Though I think it’s okay if you use a PH balancing toner afterwards? Not very sure though, have to research on that part.

      BTW You can check out the PH level table here if you want to look up anything! 😀

      • Krissel Reply

        Ahh I have actually seen that table but saw that it only had the acne cleansing paste and not any of the others (though I guess it would make sense if most of their cleansers had a similar pH!) Do you frequent the Asian Beauty subreddit?

        They’ve been speaking pretty highly of Kikumasamune Skin Care Lotion and so I finally gave in and bought some last night when I stopped by a drug store (sigh, always a bad/good idea cause I never walk out of there without something hahaha!) and holy moly this stuff might just be life-changing(!!) I figured it would be a good pH balancer after cleansing with the Rosette.

        I don’t think my skin has ever felt so… moisturized. And actually I think I’ve finally understood what they mean by もちもち肌! I’ve only used it twice so far, last night and this morning, but I already felt the difference when I was putting my bb cream on today. Sooo smooth!

        • Allie Principe Reply

          Yup, I search through the threads regularly when I want to look up discussions on certain products! Sometimes the stuff can get a little to scientific though and I end up getting more confused, especially when they talk about PH-balancing and AHA/BHA.

          I’ve seen the product name thrown around in threads but didn’t give it much thought, I should give it a look at the drugstore next time. (Uh-oh!)

          I foresee one of our main topics of conversation at hanami next week hahaha!

          • Krissel

            Yeah I’m still totally lost when it comes to all the active ingredient stuff. And I only just recently learned the reason behind the pH balancing things!

            The Kikumasamune is a hit or miss with some people though, quite a few can’t take the weird bubblegum-y sake smell but I think it doesn’t really last long enough to be a problem for me personally!

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  239. Jessica Reply

    Hanami hang outs sound really fun! And yes I agree, fighting for a good spot to take pictures of sakura can get pretty stressful. But your photos came out beautifully.

  240. Grace Sapuay Reply

    OMG! I hate that photo of yellow pumpkin with polka dots. It looks like a snake.

    But this blog is good. Really good. Thank you. Zannen, I couldn’t go.

    Keep on blogging, Allie. You’re awesome!

  241. Janice Reply

    SO HAPPY found your blog from Kaila’s YT page >< I love blogs like this. Hahaha. And I'm a newbie journaller too using Muji A6 🙂 Midori days? I though it's an anime title or a song. But idk.

    And, nice to meet you! Hoping to see another spread from your MTN~

    • Janice Reply

      oh just wanna let you know, that your instagram link (the one with the logo below), you got the username wrong.

      • Allie Principe Reply

        Thanks for the heads up, edited it now!

        I’ve been journaling for a long time but mostly just with words, so it’s so fun to be more visual this time! And yes, Midori Days is the title of one of my favorite anime, maybe you’re familiar with it? (A girl who really likes this guy suddenly and literally becomes his right hand haha).

        Thank you for dropping by and reading! <3

  242. Chai Reply

    Ang ganda ng lahat ng photos, as usual!! And for some reason, the patterns made me think of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, haha! I showed Aian these photos (nung nasa Facebook mo palang sila) and he was very interested. Will list this down as yet another place I’d like to visit in the future <3